Your mental state is all over the place

I recently purchased a mushroom grow box from Avalon Magic Plants for the Magic Mushroom Thai strain. I have had this strain from some other providers before and it never disappointed and this was no exception. Not only did it have many flushes, but the third and fourth flushes yielded enormous fruit bodies, in sizes I didnвЂt think possible with this size of grow bag. I want to note that I of course didnвЂt do all the mushrooms that grew; Magic Mushrooms Thai
I sold what I could to finance my hobby. Anytime I did the mushrooms I never really exceeded eating 3 grams. However, I will say that this strain is effective even with low dose, it isnвЂt as intense but you still have a great time.

The trips were as good, if not better, than expected. About 30 to 45 minutes in you already start to feel a body high. ItвЂs a feeling of more than just complete relaxation; it is a very present вЂfront of your thought†body high. ItвЂs like that awesome feeling you get with a really epic stretch but without that feeling you get when you push it too far. And unlike a stretch that doesnвЂt sustain, this presses on without any fading for a couple hours. I like to describe the feeling as a warm blanket, in that you are in complete comfort with an overwhelming feeling of being safe and secure.

Next comes the visuals and the head high. This is the harder part to explain, because your brain and thought process starts working from a different angle. The visuals arenвЂt extremely intense but you donвЂt have to concentrate to notice the walls are breathing. I tend to watch TV while on them and itвЂs fun to see peopleвЂs faces do things you arenвЂt quite sure youвЂre seeing. Corners of the mouth start to go Cheshire Cat, their face starts to multi-color, and at times itвЂs like their faces stop having normal structure. What I mean by that is their foreheads and mouths seem much closer. They almost appear to sandwich the two where you no longer see a nose. This visual is fleeting and corrects itself but kind of happens constantly, if that makes sense. Another phenomenon I notice is that you start to see inter-dimensionally. ItвЂs like when watching an old antenna TV and another channel or frequency tries to bleed in. Again this isnвЂt overwhelming or even that intense but I imagine with a larger does you could journey further into these changes in perception.
Magic Mushrooms Thai
Your mental state is all over the place, contemplation only exacerbates this but that is a good thing. Every time I come down I canвЂt help but feel I had left my living room and gone to another plane of existence, though I canвЂt say I actually see another dimension (what I was describing in the previous paragraph is different than this feeling), itвЂs more of a mental feeling than a visual. Forget about comprehending time, sure you can look at a clock and get a sense of how much time has passed with math, but the experience through time is incalculable.

I am limited by words but I canвЂt express enough how great these mushrooms can make a person feel/think. I am incapable of describing how in tune these make me feel with everything and nothingness. ItвЂs because of these I believe there is life after death, and if anything they have made me more prepared for the day I die.

Magic Mushroom Thai